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Gold Haircare



We are thrilled to announce we have been hand picked to carry Gold Haircare as they launch in United States of America.


2009, Danish visionaries – Victor Moreno and Marco Merie – challenged the world of fashion and beauty. They created a completely new definition of quality for hair care products – Gold Professional Haircare. Thousands of stylists around the world choose the Gold brand as a unique high-class brand and the only one that meets restrictive Danish environmental standards. Nature is of fundamental importance to us, therefore all the components come exclusively from renewable and sustainable sources. Gold Professional Haircare is a passion and a tribute to hairdressing art. A long-term process of product improvement supported by experienced Scandinavian biotechnologists and hairdressers allowed to realise a common vision of hair care and hair coloring for the future. Environmentally friendly products guarantee beauty, strength and excellent protection of hair subjected to dynamic change of trends.


In Gold Haircare products you won’t find any sulfates or parabens, only powerful and natural ingredients that nourish and protect your hair. Inspired by the best of nature’s fragrances, plant textures and healing properties, we fuse natural skin and hair care ingredients with new age technology to provide you products that perform at the highest level while still being considerate of the effects on the environment. Our environmentally friendly products promote beauty from within and were designed for those who love to transform their look often through coloring or continuous styling. Repairing the hair making it strong and supple with the ability to resist damage is the ultimate goal. Leveraging the nurturing ability of nature, we wanted to feed the hair with ingredients in their purest form with minimal modifications. This way our essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants can deliver the most benefits to the hair. Our impact on the environment is of fundamental importance to us, which is why our bottles and packaging come almost exclusively from renewable sources and are recyclable.

Best Quality & Technology

  • Vegan - None of our cosmetics contains substances of animal origins, only low processed, organic ingredients

  • Cruelty Free - The founders of Gold Professional Haircare, Marco Merie and Victor Moreno are members of Peta - the oldest animal rights organisation in the world. The unique Gold cosmetics and their ingredients are not tested on animals.

  • Antioxidants - Antioxidants in our cosmetics neutralize the harmful effect of free radicals, thus slowing down hair cells’ aging.

  • Paraben Free - Hair beauty products free of certain chemicals to ensure a higher quality and to protect from harmful effects.

  • Skin Protection - Natural and perfectly balanced oils protects the skin during color service.

  • Regeneration - Precious nutritive elements revitalizes the hair as it colors restoring its natural softness and silkiness.

Gold Haircare As A Green Brand

PETA - Gold Professional Haircare founders - Marco Merie and Victor Moreno are members of the oldest animal rights organization in the world - PETA. Our unique cosmetics and their ingredients are not tested on animals. Oceana is working to restore marine ecosystems and restore global fish stocks, basing it’s campaigns and activities on scientific research. By supporting the organization, we contribute to protecting the global marine and ocean resources. The Nature Conservancy has been working on the protection of natural resources of the earth for almost 70 years. Organization support is one of the most important activities of the Danish Gold Haircare brand. NATURAL ORIGIN INGREDIENTS (NOI)Gold Haircare is ISO 16128 certified. All shampoos, conditioners and masks contain 98-100% of natural active ingredients.

Exclusively at Sona Bella

Our distributor exclusively invited Sona Bella Salon & Spa to Gold Haircare's launch in the United States. Ashley had the opportunity to attend their launch party and in-depth education on Gold Haircare with the owners. Built by stylists, this brand wants to keep exclusivity to those salons and stylists who will maintain excellence and education. We can say we're honored to introduce and represent Gold Haircare.


Hydration Shampoo

Repair Shampoo

Scalp Relieve Shampoo

Daily Detoxing Shampoo

Blonde Shampoo

Hydration Conditioner

Repair Conditioner

Luxury Hair Masque

Ten In One

Delicious Foundation

Silky Drops

Argan Oil

Blowout Cream

Smoothing Cream

Sea Water Cream

Curl Cream

Volume Spray

Dry Shampoo

Fairy Dust Powder

Styling Wax

Fiber Wax

Clay Wax

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