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Body Contouring

3-In-1 Cavitation

Cavitation works by sending ultrasonic waves of low frequency into the body. This creates microbubbles that break or dilute fat cells, essentially turning them liquid and able to be eliminated through the urine or the lymphatic system. This cannot be used as a treatment for obesity.

Treatment Areas:

Abdomen, Obliques, Glutes, Legs, Arms, Back

Sessions & Treatment Recommendations:
6-10 Sessions, until desired results achieved

Package of 6 $2,100

Curv Contour

This BBL Contour Service is a non-invasive treatment that uses vacuum and cupping that helps the body with moving interstitial tissue and directing it to the desired area on the body. This is a reliable process of fighting cellulite and reducing localized fat.


Treatment Areas:

Sessions & Treatment Recommendations
5-10 Sessions are recommended.

Package of 8 $800

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